The Purpose of Lost at Say

What is Lost at Say?

A word play on 'lost at sea', Lost at Say is a website you go to when you're at a loss for words.

Why Use Us?

We are founder-led. Our founder has been publishing online since 2013. We are a US-based company writing for a primarily US audience. We cite our sources. We constantly update our posts to ensure they remain the best on their topic on the internet. Advertisers have no influence on our content -- they aren't even aware of where their ads will be placed. No party can post on our website besides our editorial team.

Our team

Lost at Say is staffed by a team of professional writers, researchers, and editors.

William Lipovsky

As the CEO, Editor-in-Chief, founder, and owner of Lost at Say, I'm dedicated to ensuring your on-site experience is as amazing and educational as possible.

I began writing online back in 2013 and have been published, featured, and quoted in publications such as Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Business Insider.

Combining my own experiences as a writer with my expertise in creating online content and understanding user needs, I take an active role in shaping the editorial direction and content of Lost at Say.

I created Lost at Say with the goal of helping others find the right words when they're not sure what to say. I am passionate about this mission and aim to provide the very best content of this type on the internet.

Lindsey Desmet

As a contributor and editor at Lost at Say, I'm is passionate about helping people find the best words to say or write in any situation.

I find great joy in connecting people with the information they need. I pride myself on channeling my experience as an avid reader, creative writer, and researcher into providing the very best options for Lost at Say's visitors.

I have a master's degree in library and information science, a graduate certificate in information management, and a bachelor's degree in liberal studies, which enhance my understanding of the English language and ability to identify the needs of others.

During my academic career, I also won two undergraduate writing awards and was named an honor scholar.

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