33 Best Compliments for a Girl’s Picture

Young woman taking a selfie while wearing sunglasses and a black hat

Compliments help to strengthen the foundation of relationships, and it feels good to give and receive words of praise.[1]

A good compliment will be genuine, specific, and foster a positive atmosphere between the person giving the compliment and the person receiving it.[2]

If you’re looking for ways to share a compliment with a girl you know, pictures are a great place to start. They’re on our phones, all over social media, and framed in lockers, homes, and on desks.

Below, we provide the best ways to compliment a picture of a girl. You’ll also find tips for how to come up with your own thoughtful words.

  1. Why can’t I pull off that look like you can?
  2. You’ve got such great skin!
  3. That necklace matches your top perfectly.
  4. Your smile is contagious![3]
  5. The photo really catches your beautiful natural glow.
  6. You are an incredible human![3]
  7. Girl, how’d you get your hair to do that? It’s gorgeous.
  8. You are glowing![3]
  9. There’s just one word for this picture — flawless.
  10. That place looks cool! I’d love to tag along next time!
  11. I love [city]! Looks like fun!
  12. If cartoon bluebirds were real, a couple of them would be sitting on your shoulders singing right now.[3]
  13. I mean, could you look any prettier?!
  14. That color is perfect on you.[3]
  15. Just wait — that photo’s going to be trending.
  16. I love what you did with your hair today![4]
  17. I swear you can’t take a bad picture.
  18. Put that thing away! You’re so gorgeous it’s making me jealous.
  19. You always find the coolest spots! And you look stunning.
  20. What an adventure!
  21. I can’t decide what shines more — your smile or your hair.
  22. Hey, that’s a really cool pose.
  23. Your hair literally looks like silk.
  24. I like your style.[3]
  25. Your dress is stunning.
  26. Your smile shines brighter than a diamond.
  27. You look like Miss America.
  28. You’re so inspiring![3]
  29. That’s a really cute outfit.
  30. Your eyes are, like, mesmerizing.
  31. Girl, stop showing off! You’re too pretty.
  32. What were you thinking about that made you look so happy?
  33. Look at that confidence. You go, girl!

Tips for Complimenting a Person’s Photo

As noted above, the more specific the compliment, the more it will flatter the recipient.

Looking for something a bit more tailored to a particular photo? Here are a few ideas for coming up with the perfect compliment!

  • Think about her personality. It will determine what sort of compliment she’ll appreciate most. If she’s always smiling, she’ll probably love hearing that she has a beautiful smile. This may not be the right way to go if she’s self-conscious about her teeth or a nearby scar. Remember to think of the nature, likes, dislikes, etc., of the person receiving the compliment.
  • Be genuine. Only say what you really mean. Make sure to compliment things you actually like and leave out the negatives. A disingenuous comment may seem empty or snarky.
  • Pay attention to the details. There’s nothing wrong with telling someone they look great, but giving specific details may seem more genuine and will show that you’re genuinely interested in the photo. Reference a detail about her outfit, her makeup, or something in the background of the photo.
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