How to Respond to “I Appreciate You”: The 43 Best Ways

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Gratitude is a wonderful thing. It can have health and well-being benefits, such as reducing stress, increasing optimism, and decreasing inflammation in the body.[1]

While most people find it nice to be appreciated, there are some people who struggle with accepting praise. It might be because of social anxiety or self-esteem issues.[2]

Another reason may be that we’re generally conditioned as children to say thank you but are not told how to receive gratitude.

Although it’s natural to feel awkward or embarrassed by the extra attention at times, learning to accept praise is an essential social skill.[2]

Whether you’re looking for responses to add to your mental arsenal or you need a little help answering an email, you’re sure to find it here!

Below, we have the list of ways to respond to “I appreciate you.” We also offer a few ideas to help you choose the perfect way to answer!

  1. Thank you for the feedback. It’s good to know that you appreciate my efforts. I also appreciate working with you and learning from you.[3]
  2. Thank you. Your opinion means a lot to me.[4]
  3. Thanks, but it was truly a joy to help out.
  4. It was the least I could do when you’ve done so much for me.
  5. Thanks, and thank you for this great opportunity.
  6. I’m grateful for all the messages of encouragement. Thanks, guys.[5]
  7. That’s very kind of you. I appreciate you trusting me with this responsibility.
  8. Thanks! I couldn’t have done it without [name].
  9. That’s wonderful to hear. I did work really hard on this project.
  10. It’s not every day that a worker receives an appreciation message from the boss. I sincerely thank you for acknowledging my production efforts and appreciating my work ethic.[3]
  11. It was no trouble.
  12. How kind. It was really a team effort, so I’ll let the others know, too.
  13. Thanks for saying that. You really made my day!
  14. Thank you for recognizing my contribution to the team. I really appreciate your encouragement and kind words.[5]
  15. Thanks so much! It’s nice to have my hard work noticed.
  16. I’m glad I was able to help.
  17. Thanks — you would have done the same for me.
  18. Thanks so much. It was a team win! I’ll be sure to pass on your praise at our next meeting.[6]
  19. You’re too kind. It was no big deal, really.
  20. Thanks so much for the encouraging feedback.
  21. I’m honored that you took the time to thank me for my work efforts.[3]
  22. Thank you for the recognition. Our project was a team effort that I couldn’t have done without you.[3]
  23. Your words of appreciation meant a lot. Helping clients is part of the reason I enjoy my job so much. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need assistance with similar ventures at a later time.[3]
  24. Thank you. Working on this project has been a great learning opportunity.[7]
  25. Thanks for noticing.
  26. I appreciate that you’ve made the process so easy.
  27. Thanks, you’re awesome!
  28. I appreciate your kind words and positive feedback.[7]
  29. It’s thoughtful of you to say that.[4]
  30. Thank you for taking the time to reach out to me and let me know you recognize my efforts.[3]
  31. The job would have been a lot harder without your great spreadsheets![4]
  32. I’m grateful to hear that. It means a lot coming from you.
  33. Don’t mention it.
  34. Thanks. I’m thrilled you liked the [object of appreciation]! I was happy with how it turned out too.[6]
  35. I’m delighted you enjoyed the presentation! Thank you very much.[4]
  36. Thank you. Your support means a lot.[4]
  37. Thanks for sending me such a thoughtful email. Reading it made my day.
  38. Thanks — glad to hear it.
  39. I’m just happy you’re happy.
  40. Thank you for your kind words. It’s wonderful to know our efforts are paying off. I hope we can be of service again in the future.[8]
  41. Anything for you, [bro/sis/mom/buddy/etc].
  42. Thanks! You’re the best.
  43. I’m glad to hear everything worked out well.[9]

How to Choose the Perfect Response to “I Appreciate You”

It may be difficult to decide on the right response when someone says they appreciate you. Appreciation can mean so many different things to the giver and to the receiver, after all.

Here are a few tips to help you narrow down the choices or create your own message:

  • Choose the one that will make the most impact coming from you. Everyone has their own personality and manner of speaking. Make sure your message sounds natural.
  • Keep your relationship with the other person in mind when choosing the tone. If you’re responding to your boss or a coworker, you’ll probably want to ensure your message is professional instead of overly friendly. If it’s for a close friend or family member, choose one to fit their personality, and feel free to personalize it!
  • Smile and make good eye contact. If you’re standing face-to-face with someone, be sure to smile and make eye contact when offering a response. This will help them know their words are important to you and make your response more genuine.
  • Return their appreciation with some of your own. There’s almost always something for which to thank another. If someone’s showing you their appreciation, why not return the favor?
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