How to Compliment a Picture: 27 Best Ideas Listed

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Compliments are a great way to motivate people and boost their self-esteem. They can help build strong relationships within a family or among friends.[1]

They can even improve a person’s ability to learn and perform by activating the reward centers of the brain.[2]

A simple way to offer a compliment to someone is through a photograph.

We see selfies of friends and loved ones on social media, in their homes, and in the office. We see cute snapshots of their pets and pictures of the places they travel.

It’s the perfect opportunity to offer praise to someone else!

We’ve provided the list of ways to compliment a photo, plus tips on coming up with your own unique compliments.

  1. Your baby is precious. Look at that beautiful smile. [He/she] looks just like you!
  2. That’s a great picture. You have a beautiful family, and they all look so happy.
  3. Someone was having a good hair day. I can never get mine to behave as well as yours.
  4. Wow, that shirt looks great on you! It’s definitely your color.
  5. What an incredible adventure! Looks like you had fun!
  6. Just look at the way your eyes sparkle in that picture.
  7. How is it you can make casual look so high-class?
  8. You look so fabulous and confident!
  9. Your baby’s picture is like a cuteness overload.
  10. Beautiful place! I hope you enjoyed your trip!
  11. I can just feel the happiness you radiate in that photo.
  12. I can’t even look at this without smiling.
  13. What a sweet furbaby!
  14. Your photography should be on the cover of a magazine!
  15. This photo really captures your natural beauty and charm.
  16. You two make a beautiful couple. I can’t decide who looks happier!
  17. You and your child look so peaceful together — what a treasure.
  18. What a stunning landscape! I’m sure you made a lot of great memories.
  19. The jacket you’re wearing is so cute! Where’d you get it?
  20. Amazing — your whole family is so photogenic. You all look as pretty as a picture.
  21. I can just see the joy on your faces. The cameraman must have caught you guys at just the right moment.
  22. I love this picture of your little angels. You’re one lucky [mom/dad].
  23. I wish I could get my kids to settle down long enough to take such an adorable picture.
  24. Now that’s a photo to be proud of!
  25. I love the whole vibe of this picture.
  26. I’m not surprised at all to see how [beautiful/handsome] you look in this picture. What’s your secret?
  27. You have such a brilliant smile.

Tips for Finding Unique Compliments for Photos

If you’re still struggling to figure out what you want to say, you might want to craft a unique compliment from scratch that truly reflects the individual photo.

Here are some ideas for creating your own unique compliments!

  • What’s the person in the photo like? If they’re fun-loving and always cracking jokes, add a little humor to your compliment. If they’re constantly checking the mirror to make sure their hair’s perfect, they’re probably going to appreciate a more beauty-based comment. You should be genuine, but keeping their nature in mind may help you come up with the perfect compliment.
  • Keep it real. Only compliment things you truly like. There’s no reason to give phony praise; just leave out the negatives. You’ll always come across as more genuine this way.
  • Comment on the emotion captured in the picture. If the person looks truly happy or thrilled, it might be nice to say something like, “It’s amazing how they captured the wonder in your eyes.”

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