17 Worst Sister-in-Law Quotes

Sister-in-laws sitting on a couch arguing

Getting married is a wonderful occasion to celebrate the uniting of two families.

Of course, adjusting to new in-laws can be difficult. Life changes for everyone, not just the newlyweds.

Family members may come in with preconceived notions, relationship dynamics may change, and both husbands and wives have to adapt to new rules and personalities.[1]

Sometimes gaining a sister-in-law can be tougher than growing up with a sister. Personalities occasionally clash, which can lead to a lifetime of stress and resentment.

Below, we have the list of the worst sister-in-law quotes. They may help you to know that you’re not alone and might even make your sister-in-law seem like she’s not so bad.

Following the list, we share ideas on how to improve your relationship with your sister-in-law.

Quotes Directed at a Horrible Sister-in-Law

  1. “If I hadn’t met you, I wouldn’t have learned to spell narcissistic.”[2]
  2. “Fake people are the worst people. They always appear to be happy, when inside they’re so jealous and hurting over someone else’s life.”[2]
  3. “Why do in-laws ostracize the new addition to their family? It’s like ‘Hey, let’s piss off our brother by hating his spouse.'”[2]
  4. “To the people that say you should respect your in-laws: Stop assuming that everyone has been treated well by those in-laws. Respect is not freely given; it is earned. You don’t owe anyone respect. You do not owe anyone anything.”[3]
  5. “If in-laws didn’t exist, I think 98% of marriages would actually be successful.”[3]
  6. “Counting other people’s sins does not make you a saint.”[3]
  7. “Why can’t we all just get along? Oh, that’s right, because I’m your sister-in-law.”[3]
  8. “Hey, sister-in-law. It was great seeing you. Now don’t let the door hit you on the way out!”[3]
  9. “There should really be a way to stay with your spouse but divorce your in-laws.”[3]

Personal Experiences

  1. “My sister-in-law created a donation campaign for her father, who had recently passed away, to pay for funeral costs and fees. She used the money for trivial things for herself like a new gaming system and fast food… There are still bills coming from the funeral home about the overdue, completely unpaid invoices.”[4]
  2. “We don’t speak. Literally, we don’t speak to each other. We aren’t mean or frosty or nasty. We just pretend that the other doesn’t exist in our worlds. She walked in the house and we didn’t say hello. We saw each other on the stairs and did not acknowledge one another’s presence. When we left, we did not say goodbye to one another. For several days, in the same house, we managed not to speak a word to one another. Most people would regret this. […] But I have no desire to ‘make up’ with my SIL. There’s nothing to reconcile.[5]
  3. “My newly divorced ex-sister-in-law borrowed the antique oak bed and new mattress set that was to be my daughter’s when she left her toddler bed. A month later, when she showed us the pics of her bedroom set, I told her we’d come get my daughter’s bed back. She said, ‘Oh! I threw it all away in the dumpster!'”[6]
  4. “My sister-in-law met my youngest for the first time when he was two years old. She met him and decided she loved him so much that she wanted him. She called CPS on my husband and me…”[4]
  5. “My sister-in-law stole our china. She flew in for our wedding, then flew out the very next day. We all enjoyed the after-wedding glow until we realized that all the china given by both our mothers had disappeared. None of our presents contained any china whatsoever! As the family scrambled to file claims to recover the goods, my mother-in-law revealed her daughter had long had sticky fingers.”[7]
  6. “I found I was finally pregnant after trying for a while and surprised my in-laws at Christmastime with a box that had baby mittens in it. During the joy and hugging, my sister-in-law looked at us and said, ‘Well, I’m pregnant too.’ She wasn’t.”[6]
  7. “My sister-in-law put my phone in the laundry, which was in my jacket. A total accident, but she put the jacket with the phone back where it was and pretended like nothing happened. She didn’t tell me or my husband. She didn’t apologize for it until she left, which was three weeks after the incident.”[8]
  8. “We recently lost my grandmother, and I kid you not, while my grandmother was dying, literally ONE HOUR from taking her last breath, my sister-in-law was reading through her will.”[6]

How to Improve Your Relationship With Your Sister-In-Law

Sometimes, a new sister-in-law can become your best friend, and sometimes you’re not so lucky.

It’s hard, but making the effort can yield tremendous rewards. Your life will be a lot easier if you’re successful in making amends with your sister-in-law!

Here are a few ideas for how to smooth over your rocky sister-in-law relationship:

  • Find what you have in common. Ask your spouse what your sister-in-law enjoys. What are her favorite things? If you can find a few things you have in common with her, try to make plans to enjoy them together. It’s a great way to bond and clear up any misconceptions.
  • Surprise her with a gift. It’s hard to dislike or mistreat someone who offers you a heartfelt gift. You may have to be the bigger person if your sister-in-law’s being difficult. A present could be the perfect way to win her over.
  • Do something nice for her. If your sister-in-law has made it clear she’s not backing down from whatever issue the two of you have, and you truly want to improve your relationship, try putting it all behind you and doing something nice for her. When you’re dealing with a stubborn person, sometimes it’s the only way to move past a disagreement or hurt feelings. Pay her compliments, do a favor for her, or offer to watch her kids so she and her husband can have date night.
  • Listen. Your sister-in-law might only be treating you poorly because she’s stressed about something else going on in her life. Have an honest conversation with her and determine the root of your issues. Listen to her frustrations and offer support or suggestions rather than arguing.
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