37 Heartfelt First Communion Wishes for a Goddaughter

Close-up of young girl wearing a white dress and holding a prayer book for her first communion

A child’s First Communion is a special day — an important step in their journey of faith, along with their Baptism and Confirmation.[1]

The First Communion gives children a sense of belonging within their community and helps them build their relationship with God.[2]

It’s important for the child’s whole family to be involved in their First Communion day to emphasize the importance of the event[1] — and that includes godparents!

Below, we have more than 30 First Communion wishes for a goddaughter. Scroll past the list for our First Communion gift ideas for her!

  1. Congratulations, sweetheart, on your First Communion. As the body and spirit of the Lord comes into your life in this very special way, may you know His love and joy, through His blessings every day.[3]
  2. As you celebrate your first Holy Communion, may the light of the Lord and Savior shine brightly into your life today and always.[3]
  3. May you forever be as close to Jesus Christ as you are today. Open your arms and embrace His everlasting love and blessings into your life. Happy First Communion.[3]
  4. As you receive Communion, Jesus shares His love with you in a very special way. May He guide and bless you today and every day.[3]
  5. Congratulations on your First Holy Communion. Praying that Jesus, the Bread of Life, and Cup of Eternal Salvation will always nourish your faith.[3]
  6. May you always feel the love and presence of the Lord as you receive Him in Holy Communion. Congratulations on your First Communion.[3]
  7. To a dear goddaughter with love on her First Communion, may the Lord be with you always.[4]
  8. God bless you as you receive the Eucharist on your First Holy Communion! May the love of Jesus shine in your heart now and forever.[5]
  9. This comes with a prayer more sincere than words can say. To you, dear goddaughter, on your First Communion day: May God be near you as you kneel down to pray and all through your future as you follow in His way.[4]
  10. Congratulations on your First Communion. I am so proud of you. You are growing into a graceful and Godly young lady. Just as you are blessed with God’s love today, I know that your family is blessed by you every day.[6]
  11. May you always know the peace of Jesus, the light of His love, and the joy of His life within you.[5]
  12. My best wishes on such an important occasion. I am proud of you and grateful you are in my life.[5]
  13. May the joy and peace of the Savior guide you in every way, today and always. Happy First Communion. “The blessing of the Lord be upon you.” -Psalm 129:8[3]
  14. Congratulations, dear goddaughter, as you celebrate your very first Holy Communion. May the peace and love of God be with you today and always.[3]
  15. Wishing you everlasting happiness, peace, and joy on the day of your First Holy Communion![5]
  16. As you receive your First Holy Communion, embrace the joy that comes from knowing Jesus and the peace that comes from growing in his love.[5]
  17. Congratulations on your special day. May it be full of joy and surrounded by your loved ones.[5]
  18. Blessings on your First Holy Communion. May the Lord keep you in His care, today and always. Congratulations.[3]
  19. May God grant you always a sunbeam to warm you, a moonbeam to charm you, a sheltering angel so nothing can harm you, laughter to cheer you, faithful friends near you, and whenever you pray, Heaven to hear you. Happy First Communion day![7]
  20. May God, who brought you to this special day, continue to direct your life in His perfect way.[5]
  21. Congratulations on your First Communion, angel! May the good Lord bless you with everlasting peace, faith, and joy.[3]
  22. Sending you lots of love on such a special day for you![5]
  23. On the day of your First Communion, we are by your side as guardian angels. Love from your godparents.[8]
  24. May God’s light guide you, may His words bless you, and may His bread heal you on your First Holy Communion. Wishing you the best on this sacred day![6]
  25. As you celebrate your First Communion today, remember that God’s love will always be there to comfort you, guide you, and bless you.[9]
  26. Happy First Communion day! May this life-giving bread always feed your soul and nourish your spirit.[5]
  27. May the joy of this auspicious occasion warm your heart and bring you God’s love, not just today, but every day! Happy First Communion. “This is my body, which is given for you. Do this in remembrance of me.” -Luke 22:19[3]
  28. Today you receive your First Communion. May his light and love always shine brightly upon you. Love from your godparents.[8]
  29. May your First Communion day be a blessed one, and may your heart be filled with happiness. Thanking God for a special goddaughter like you! Congratulations![3]
  30. On this day of grand celebration, may Jesus enter your heart. We hope the Lord’s light guides you on the path of your life. With love, your godparents.[8]
  31. The gifts of the Holy Spirit strengthen you, making you a witness of Christ’s love. May you always live your faith with joy.[5]
  32. To a special little girl on the day of her First Communion: may the Lord always be in your heart![8]
  33. To our wonderful goddaughter on her First Holy Communion: we pray that Jesus will always nourish your faith. May you feel the comfort of the Lord’s love with you every step of your journey.[8]
  34. To my beautiful goddaughter: I didn’t give you life, but life gave me you. It’s a privilege to watch you grow, through and through. I’m so impressed with the woman you’re turning into, and with every passing day, my heart swells anew. I love you and I am so proud of you![10]
  35. We have been with you on the day of your Baptism and now again for your First Holy Communion. Best wishes from your godmother and godfather![8]
  36. Congratulations on your first Holy Communion. May God’s love and blessings be with you today and remain with you always.[3]
  37. May you always remember the importance of this day as you receive Christ into your life. Happy First Communion![3]

Gift Ideas for a Goddaughter’s First Communion

Along with a card, if you’re close to your goddaughter, you might also want to get her a gift to celebrate her First Communion.

Consider these gift ideas:

  • Jewelry: Bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are common gifts for a young girl’s First Communion. You can choose a rosary bracelet or necklace, something with a cross design, or something with personalized charms. Give this gift to your goddaughter before the special day so she can wear it for the occasion.
  • Rosary box: A rosary box is a good gift for a First Communion — similar to a jewelry box, but smaller, and designed specifically to hold a rosary. You can find some in cross shapes and can even get one personalized with your goddaughter’s name and a favorite bible verse.
  • Prayer book: Prayer books range from small pamphlets to embossed, leather-bound books, making this a great gift idea for any price point. There are even some illustrated varieties that look like picture books. Choose a design that suits your goddaughter’s age and personality.
  • Journal: A journal can help your goddaughter explore her relationship with God and grow in her faith. Choose one that contains guided prayers and Scripture, or simply find a blank journal that you know your goddaughter would love to write in.
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