Top 17 Flirty Responses to “Have a Good Day”

Woman responding to a flirty "Have a good day" text

The way you communicate is crucial to how you portray a message. The tone, volume, and even the speed at which you speak can influence the way it’s received.[1]

When flirting, body language can be just as important as the words you choose.[2]

However, flirty texting is as much a part of today’s dating world as face-to-face exchanges.[2]

Regardless of the circumstance, the words you choose can have significant value romantically, rousing the heart and demonstrating your intellect.[2]

For instance, a flirty response to someone wishing you a good day can turn the conversation in a whole new direction.

Below, we have the list of flirty responses to choose from, plus tips for picking the right response.

  1. I will, as long as I see your adorable smile later.
  2. Thanks! Seeing you just made it a whole lot better.
  3. Thanks, [beautiful/handsome].
  4. You, too. Do you have any plans for later?
  5. I will, if you’ll go out with me tonight.
  6. I’m sure it will be, especially if I get to spend it with you.[3]
  7. Awww, you’re the sweetest!
  8. Thanks! I’ll spend it daydreaming about you.
  9. Want to make it an even better day?
  10. Thanks — I was just thinking about you.
  11. Just hearing your voice makes my day better.
  12. I’ll try, but it’s going to be pretty hard without you around.[4]
  13. I love waking up to messages from you.[4] Hope you have a good day, as well.
  14. Thanks! And I hope you have a day as beautiful as you are.
  15. It’d be even better if you were here with me.[5]
  16. I’d have a better day if I knew I was going to see you later.[4]
  17. That means a lot coming from you.

Tips for Choosing Your Response

Offering a flirty response can be risky, depending on who it’s for, so take your time choosing the right one.

You may also want to have a response ready for alternate situations if you’re not sure when or where you’ll see them next.

Keep these tips in mind when making the choice:

  • Consider your current relationship. Are you partners, close friends, colleagues, or casual acquaintances? Tailor your response to the level of flirtation appropriate to your situation. For example, if you’re choosing a response for a coworker you don’t know very well, you probably don’t want to choose something too forward. If you’re sending a flirty response to your boyfriend, you can choose something more personal.
  • Consider their personality. If the person in mind is generally playful and lighthearted, choose a message to match. If they tend to be straightforward and serious, try something that’s a bit more subtle like, “Thanks — I was just thinking about you.” The subtle approach also gives you the opportunity to gauge their response and decide what to say next.
  • Choose a response that feels natural. Stay true to yourself and what feels natural when choosing a message. If you don’t, it may come off as strange, fake, or forced.
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