Top 39 Professional & Funny Farewell Cake Messages

A farewell message can be significant if you won't be seeing someone for a long time, such as if they're leaving the company you work for, transferring to a different school, or moving to a different state.

There are many ways to say "goodbye," from a formal "farewell" to a quick "TTYL" text.

Colleagues celebrating an employee's retirement with a farewell cake

The word “farewell” itself dates back to about the 14th century. It comes from a Middle English phrase, “faren wel.”[1]

Gifts like farewell cakes can let the person who is leaving know how much you’ll miss them — but they’re often delivered with a sense of humor, too, to keep your parting from being too sad![2]

Whether you’re looking for something professional or funny, I’ve compiled various farewell cake message ideas below.

Scroll past the list for tips on creating your own farewell message or choosing a farewell gift!

Farewell Cake Messages

  1. Good luck with your new adventure![3]
  2. Good luck finding better co-workers than us![3]
  3. Goodbye! Don’t cry — we won’t![3]
  4. Don’t be a stranger!
  5. Farewell and good luck![4]
  6. Free at last!
  7. Congrats, traitor![5]
  8. Bon voyage!
  9. Cake Now, Cry Later
  10. Wishing you success on your new adventure![6]
  11. Better coffee awaits you!
  12. Cheers to fond memories and bright futures!
  13. Don’t forget about us!
  14. Congrats on getting out of this dump![3]
  15. Freedom tastes like [flavor] cake!
  16. Farewell, friend!
  17. Goodbye, quitter! We hope you fail![7]
  18. Remember us when you’re famous![6]
  19. Fine. Go.[8]
  20. Error 404: [Person’s Name] Not Found
  21. And stay out![8]
  22. Adios!
  23. We miss you already![3]
  24. Congrats on your escape!
  25. Thanks for the memories!
  26. Get Lost!
  27. Thanks for your “hard work.” You may use this cake as a reference.[8]
  28. Don’t forget your favorite mug!
  29. Safe travels and best wishes!
  30. You are irreplaceable![3]
  31. Spread your wings & caffeinate!
  32. Happy trails to you, until we meet again!
  33. How lucky we are to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.[3]
  34. Goodbye forever![8]
  35. Thanks for nothing!
  36. Haven’t you left yet?[7]
  37. We’ll miss seeing you in the office. (Not really.) Have a great life.[3]
  38. So sorry you’re leaving. We’ll never forget you, um… what was your name?[8]
  39. Goodbye! We’ll miss trying to avoid you![3]

Tips for Choosing Farewell Messages and Gifts

While our list provides plenty of options ranging from snarky to professional, you might want to write your own unique farewell message.

It’s also common to give farewell gifts when someone is leaving a company or moving.

Keep the following tips in mind when choosing farewell cake messages or gifts:

  • Customize your message and gift. Anyone can buy a basic “Good luck!” card with a gift card as a farewell gift. Putting more thought into your message and gift will let the recipient know how much you care about them. Even if you go the “greeting and gift card” route, you can make it more personal by sharing a few fond memories in the card and choosing a gift card to a store you know they shop at regularly.
  • Keep the mood light and hopeful. Saying goodbye is hard! It can be a good time for sentimental and heartfelt messages, but keeping the mood light will make it easier for everyone and make the person who is leaving feel assured about their future.
  • Read the room. Funny farewell messages are always memorable crowd-pleasers, but be sure not to choose anything inappropriate for the setting. For example, if buying a cake for the office, you’ll probably want to keep your message free of profanity or crude humor — regardless of how friendly your office environment may be.


How long should a farewell cake message be?

The character limit for your message will depend on the size of the cake, but in general, shorter messages (around six words or less) work best. Choosing a short message will ensure that the words can be drawn large enough for the cake to be easy to read. If you have more to say, you can always write a card or letter — or buy a larger cake!

How do I choose between a funny, sentimental, or professional message?

Choosing the right tone can be challenging, but asking yourself a few questions can make it easier: Who else will attend the party where the cake is presented? Is it a professional event or a social one? And, most importantly, what’s the personality of the person receiving the cake? If the person is the reserved and sensitive type, for instance, choosing a hopeful message that wishes them well will bring them more joy than taking the opportunity to show off your comedic skills.

How personal should my message be?

You should consider your relationship with the person. The closer you are to them, the more appropriate a personal message will be. However, keep in mind that since the message needs to fit on a cake and you’ll likely present it to the person in front of a group, you should save your most personal thoughts and well wishes for a letter or card instead.

In Summary

Goodbyes can be difficult, but cake makes them easier, and a cake with a great farewell message can bring joy to a farewell event.

When choosing your farewell cake message, be sure to consider the person you’re saying farewell to, who else will be at the party, and whether you want to use a funny or sentimental message.

No matter the tone you choose, the list I’ve compiled provides a variety of options. You can also use your creativity and knowledge of the person being celebrated to create a unique, personal message of your own.

Feel free to share your own ideas in the comments section below, or any stories and advice you have about planning the perfect farewell.

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