33 Funny Farewell Messages to Colleagues in Your Office

Woman saying farewell to a colleague in the office

It can be rough when a colleague leaves their job, especially if they really light up the workplace.

However, it’s often harder on them,[1] so it’s best to stay upbeat when saying farewell.

Keeping things lighthearted also helps to increase positive emotions and decrease negative ones.[2] You don’t want their last day in the workplace to be sad, after all.

Below, we have the list of cheerful and funny farewell messages to share with a colleague who’s leaving the office.

We also offer some gift ideas if you’d like to send them off with a little going-away present.

  1. I sure am going to miss you. Now who’s going to pick up all my slack?
  2. I’m thankful for all the fun we shared and for all you’ve taught me. Farewell, friend.
  3. Chance made us coworkers. Surviving this crazy place together made us friends. I’m going to miss you.[3]
  4. Adios and good luck on your next great venture, you traitor.
  5. I thought this day would never come — you’re finally leaving! What a relief![4]
  6. Goodbye, my dear friend. I hope our paths will cross again — so I can give you a good kick to the shins for leaving in the first place![4]
  7. Congratulations on your great escape. Best of luck to you at your new job!
  8. We will miss you, but probably not as much as you will miss us. We are pretty awesome.[5]
  9. The hard “fax” are that we’re going to miss you around here but wish you all the best.
    as in “the hard facts are…”
  10. I heard you’re being replaced by a water cooler.[6]
  11. Farewell. Someone is really going to miss you. But it is not going to be me![7]
  12. I’ll never forget you, [insert wrong name].[6]
  13. Leaving? I didn’t know you’d started.[6]
  14. Wishing you much joy and happiness as you begin a new chapter in your life.[8]
  15. They say that true friends never say goodbye, only “see you soon.” And yes, that is a threat: I will come visit you if you’re not back here soon.[4]
  16. Here’s to closing one chapter and starting another. Cheers! We’ll miss you but you will do great![9]
  17. I am sure that you will thrive in your new position. They are lucky to have you.[10]
  18. I don’t know who you are, but good luck anyway.[6]
  19. I don’t care what everyone else says. I liked working with you.[6]
  20. See you around, quitter.
  21. At least one of us escaped this place. Good luck at the new job.
  22. Good luck on finding better colleagues than me. Goodbye.[7]
  23. Don’t forget, what happens at [your place of work] stays at [your place of work]. Hope you have as much fun at your next job as you did here!
  24. I can’t wait to steal your desk. I mean, sorry you’re leaving… good luck for the future.[6]
  25. Hope you fall on your face at the new gig so you’ll be forced to come back!
  26. Farewell to a great colleague and friend. Best wishes to you and your family facing the future.
  27. Your resignation is a cruel reminder that all good things in life must come to an end… Farewell, dear friend.[11]
  28. But — I need you here failing to make me look good.
  29. Are you still here?
  30. Bye, traitor. P.S. We’ll miss you.[3]
  31. “Some cause happiness wherever they go, others whenever they go.” -Oscar Wilde
  32. Sorry to hear you’re leaving; I’ve only just come to regard you as “someone I’ve met.”[6]
  33. Let’s hope your replacement actually does your job properly![6]

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Gift Ideas for a Colleague Leaving Their Job

You may want to give your co-worker something to remember you by or simply to show how much they’ve meant to you.

Here are a few ideas for a great farewell gift:

  • Bobblehead: You can even get one custom-made to look like your colleague for under $100!
  • Fidget/stress relief toy: Changing jobs is stressful, so this will come in handy even if they’re leaving for their dream job!
  • An IOU for lunch out sometime: Assuming they’re still working in the same area, you might want to stay in touch as friends or professionals in the same field.
  • Cozy mystery novel: Reading is a great way to unwind after a long day of looking at screens!
  • Framed group photo of co-workers: Assuming they had a positive experience at your workplace, this will be a great reminder of the times you shared.
  • Feng shui tree desk ornament: It can be the first thing to adorn their new desk with positive energy!
  • Funny or meaningful mug: Coffee fuels many of us through the work week, so this is likely to be a gift they’ll use regularly!
  • Throw pillow: You can choose one with an inspirational message, or something funny that’ll remind them of your sense of humor whenever they see it.
  • Scented candle: They can use it to relax at home or use it to add a cozy vibe to their new desk!
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