Top 21 Short Prayers for Married Couples

Newly married couple leaving their wedding ceremony

Prayer can be an important part of any couple’s relationship, and in marriage, it can bring you closer.

Couples who practice religion together and pray for one another generally have increased marital satisfaction and commitment.[1]

Prayer can also lead to greater trust and unity, decrease the likelihood of infidelity, and leave a constant positive impression on your thoughts and actions throughout the day.[1][2]

Life can be hectic, and it’s not always easy to find the time to kneel together in prayer. One way to make sure you share this special ritual with your spouse — even on the busiest of days — is to offer a short, meaningful prayer together.

Below, we list the best short prayers for married couples. You can also scroll past the list for helpful tips on coming up with your own.

  1. Heavenly Father, in the midst of our busy lives, please help us to find time for each other and to do that which is right always. Let our love be an oasis of peace amidst the storms of life. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
  2. Our God, as we journey through life, may we continue to find new reasons to appreciate and love one another. Bless our love, we pray, now and always. Amen.
  3. Father, bless our marriage with love, joy, understanding, and patience. May we grow together in your grace all of our days. Amen.
  4. Lord, please protect our marriage from destruction and harm. We ask that you keep us strong through trials, loving in disagreements, and steadfast in our commitment to each other and to you. In Jesus’ name, amen.
  5. Dear God, thank you for blessing us with this union and for the joy we share together. Please, guide us in our decisions, help us to navigate our conflicts with love, and give us the strength to face all challenges together. Amen.
  6. Our Father, who art in heaven, fill our hearts with love and compassion for one another. May our love grow stronger continually, and may it reflect the love you have for us. Amen.
  7. God, please give us the strength to face life’s challenges by remembering that through you, we can overcome all things. Help us to rely on your great power instead of our own. Amen.
  8. Heavenly Father, we pray that thou would protect our marriage, keep us safe from harm, and help our love for each other to continue to grow. May our bond become stronger with each passing day. Amen.
  9. Lord, thank you for the blessing of togetherness. Please guide our steps and decisions as we navigate life side by side. Amen.
  10. God, fill our hearts with love for each other and for you this day. We ask that you help us to show kindness, respect, and patience in all things. For these things, we pray, amen.
  11. Father in heaven, may our love for each other grow ever stronger. May you grant us patience and understanding and guide us in our journey together. In Jesus’ name, amen.
  12. Dearest God, strengthen our bond, deepen our love, and keep us committed to each other and to you. We thank thee for all our countless blessings, especially for each other. Amen.
  13. Lord, we pray that you would guide us in the challenges we face as a couple. Grant us wisdom, patience, and resilience as we journey through life together. Amen.
  14. God, we ask that you would let our love shine as a beacon of hope and unity. In all things, may we honor you and each other. Amen.
  15. Father in heaven, bless our marriage with unity and understanding. Help us to communicate with love and respect always, keeping our hearts connected through every trial in life. Amen.
  16. Dear Lord, grant us the ability to accept each other’s shortcomings and forgive the mistakes we make. We pray to be filled with your grace and understanding as we journey through this life together. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
  17. God, we thank thee for the precious gift we’ve found in each other. We’re eternally grateful for the love we share and the bond that holds us together. Amen.
  18. Lord, we pray for patience with one another, especially as we disagree on things. Please helps us to listen with empathy and to respond with love. Amen.
  19. Heavenly Father, protect our marriage from harm and negativity, we pray. We ask that you would surround us with your love and protect us from the evils of the world. In Jesus’ name, amen.
  20. Dear God, guide us in our decisions so that we may honor our commitment to each other. Keep us on the path of righteousness and love in our marriage. Amen.
  21. Lord, please fill our home with joy and love. We pray that our marriage will be a tremendous source of happiness and encouragement to others. Amen.

Things to Include When Creating Your Own Short Prayer

The best prayer for you and your spouse will depend on your situation. Are you seeking God’s wisdom or guidance? Are you thanking God for the blessings you’ve experienced in your marriage?

Personalizing your prayer provides a great opportunity to connect with both your spouse and your faith.

Here are some suggestions for things to include if you and your spouse choose to create your own prayer(s):

  • Share the reasons you’re grateful for your spouse. Prayer is the perfect time to express why your spouse is a blessing in your life. This could include things they’ve done for you, traits you admire about them, their love and faithfulness, etc.
  • Pray for protection and strength for your spouse and your marriage. Challenges in marriage can come from personality differences, outside influences, physical harm, illness, and more. Marriage is a gift, but it also requires dedication in the face of obstacles, and your faith can help you stay strong in these situations. You may also want to ask that you’ll both have the strength to face whatever challenges may come your way.
  • Pray that your spouse will feel your love. One special way to help your spouse feel your love for them is to pray about it. You might consider asking God to help them know how deep your love for them goes, that your love for each other will continue to grow, or that your bond will become stronger each day.

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