Top 27 Funny Things to Write on a Cast

Man's hand and arm in a cast

Casts have been used for thousands of years to help heal broken bones.

In their earliest known form, dating back to ancient Egypt, the limb would be supported with tree bark and then wrapped in linen until the bone healed.[1]

It isn’t known when exactly people began signing casts, but it’s been common for at least a few generations.[2]

Some people decorate their own casts by choosing a bright-colored material at their doctor’s office or buying a specially-designed cast cover.[2]

However, having the cast signed by friends is more special and can provide encouragement through the healing process.

Below, we list funny things to write on a cast. If none of these suit you, below the list, we have tips on how to write your own special message!

  1. Break a leg! Oh, wait…
    for a leg cast
  2. Temporary Exoskeleton[3]
  3. $5 per story[4]
  4. Superhero in Disguise[4]
  5. Call me if you need a hand!
    for a wrist/arm cast
  6. My hero[4]
  7. Draw a stick figure portrait
  8. Nice trip. See ya in the fall![5]
    for someone who injured themself by falling
  9. Nice job getting out of [chores/school/work] for a month!
  10. Draw a tic-tac-toe board[4]
  11. Cool that you do your own stunts!
  12. g = 9.81 m/s²[4]
    formula for gravitational acceleration
  13. Oh, snap!
  14. Feel better soon![4]
  15. Snap, crackle, pop!
  16. Stunt[woman/man][4]
  17. Here’s proof that you aren’t invincible![3]
  18. Draw a flower
  19. Tough break!
  20. Here Lie the Broken Bones of [friend’s full name][6]
  21. Get well!
  22. Ad space available for sale. $100 per sq. inch.[3]
  23. Sign your name with a heart or smiley face
  24. XOXO[7]
  25. Some people will do anything for attention…[8]
  26. Draw a tombstone for your friend’s broken limb
  27. At least you didn’t break your funny bone.[9]

How to Create Your Own Funny Message for a Cast

The message you write on a cast will be stuck on your friend throughout their recovery, so it’s important to find the perfect thing to say!

If you’d like to come up with something unique rather than using one of the suggestions from our list, use these tips to help you generate ideas:

  • Decide on a tone. Your friend might be able to laugh at their injury, or they might want to avoid talking about it, depending on the circumstances. Before choosing or writing your message, decide what’s appropriate for your situation. Something like “Break a leg” might or might not be funny to your friend, depending on how sensitive they are!
  • Use an inside joke or shared memory. A message based on an inside joke or a memory you have together will be funny but personal, offering a lighthearted reminder that there are people rooting for their recovery and supporting them.
  • Get inspiration from a meme, viral video, tv show, movie, or book. If you can’t come up with something clever on your own, making reference to something funny from popular culture that your friend likes can be a great alternative. Just be sure to choose something your friend is familiar with so you don’t have to explain your message before getting a laugh out of them!
  • Draw a picture. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Maybe it can be worth a thousand laughs or smiles, too! Draw some pretty flowers, a stick-figure version of you and your friend, a tombstone dedicated to their injured limb, or anything else you think will bring a smile to their face.
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