29 Loving Messages To a Granddaughter On Her Wedding Day From Heaven

Close-up of granddaughter's hands reading a letter from her grandmother

The bond between a grandmother and her granddaughter is a special one. Some of the happiest memories of a little girl’s life are often of her grandmother.

Studies have even shown the grandmother-granddaughter bond to be unique to what a grandmother shares with her own children.[1][2]

Losing a grandmother leaves a sad spot in your life that nothing else can fill, and this can be especially true on special occasions, such as a woman’s wedding day.

We’ve created a list of precious words a grandmother might send to her granddaughter from Heaven, as well as a few ideas for creating your own special message.

  1. On your wedding day: You and [groom’s name] make such a beautiful couple. Remember always to put each other first, love hard, forgive and ask forgiveness, and see the bigger picture. Know that I’m with you and rooting for your happiness always.
  2. To my granddaughter, on her wedding day: This is just the first day of your happily ever after. Hold on to this magic forever.
  3. Stop — take a breath. Cherish this moment and remember what brought you here.
  4. Live an honorable life. Try every day to do better than you did the day before.
  5. On this day, the remarkable day that you marry [groom’s name], you look so beautiful, just like your mother did on her wedding day.
  6. If you could only see yourself through my eyes, you would never doubt yourself again.
  7. You’ve always been my rainbow in every dark day and my sunshine in every bright day. Now let me be yours.
  8. Might I remind the groom what a precious gem you truly are?
  9. Don’t waste your time on vanity. Your spectacular inner beauty is what shines through the most.
  10. I’m with you every step of the way.
  11. You’re stronger than you realize. No matter what the future brings, I know you and [groom’s name] will conquer it with grace and love.
  12. You shine like the brightest star today and every day.
  13. Never lose your sparkle. Never dim your glorious light.
  14. I’ve loved you endlessly from the day you were born. Don’t think for a moment that I’m stopping now.
  15. [Granddaughter’s name], know that I’m always with you, even if you can’t feel me there. When you fall, I’ll be there every time in spirit to lift you back up. And on every celebratory day, I’ll be raising a toast to you in Heaven.
  16. My love for you is stronger than death.
  17. Chase your dreams. Today is the beginning of your forever.
  18. I’ve never been more proud of you.
  19. You are one of my greatest joys.
  20. I’m always thinking of you, my princess.
  21. Even though we’re apart, our hearts are still connected.
  22. I’m so proud to be your grandmother, yesterday, today, and always.
  23. You are my greatest treasure.
  24. You’re wonderful and precious. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.
  25. In my life’s story, the pages with you in them are the most beautiful.
  26. You’re the greatest part of me.
  27. Though my arms can’t reach you, I’ll continue hugging you through prayer and heart.
  28. Oh, what wonders await you, my darling.
  29. I’ve always done my best to sprinkle joy throughout your life. Now I sprinkle blessings and heartfelt whispers.

Tips for Writing Heavenly Messages from Grandmothers to Granddaughters

When a grandmother is unable to share a message herself, writing something in her voice can still make it feel like she’s present and providing advice and support.

If you would prefer to use our examples for inspiration and create your own special message, here are some tips to help get you started.

  • Recall the words of wisdom that were her catchphrases. If grandma had a special saying, bible verse, or quote she often used, it might be the perfect message for a young woman to reread any time she needs it. Advice like “be kind and be true to yourself” might seem commonplace, but if it was something grandma actually said often, it’ll provide a sweet memory of her along with some encouragement.
  • Recreate memories. For special occasions, think of days past when you shared them with your grandmother. This may spark the perfect message for today’s occasion.
  • Ask those who knew her best. If you never had the opportunity to meet your grandmother, or even if you did, talking about her with others will help you to get to know her better and may provide inspiration for the perfect message.

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