147 Best “Happy Work Anniversary” Messages (2nd, 5th, 15th, 20th, etc)

Co-workers celebrating their colleague's work anniversary

A work anniversary marks a significant milestone in a person’s career and acts as a reminder of their dedication and commitment to the company.

Many employers celebrate this occasion by recognizing the employee with an award, gift, or public announcement.[1][2]

In turn, this special recognition helps to boost employee morale and motivation to keep up the good work. It also fosters a sense of loyalty to their job and encourages them to stick around.[3]

Below, we list the ways to say, “Happy Work Anniversary!” We include messages specific to each year, one through 20, as well as years 25 and 30.

Feel free to mix and match to create the right message. We also share tips for personalizing your message below the list.

“Happy 1st Work Anniversary”

  1. Happy one-year workiversary! You’ve done a one-derful job here at [company]. We look forward to continuing to work with you in the coming years.
  2. This is your one-year cheer. Woo-hoo![4]
  3. Cheers to your 1st full year at [company]. May you have many more successful, fun-filled years here!
  4. Happy 1st work anniversary! Congratulations on surviving 365 days here. Only 10,000 more to go.
  5. Congrats on one year on the job! It feels like you joined our team just yesterday. You’ve certainly become an indispensable part of it.
  6. Woo-hoo! It’s your one-year work anniversary! As they say, time flies when you’re having fun. Your enthusiasm and passion for your job have been truly inspiring.
  7. This is the first of many happy milestones. Congratulations on reaching one year![4]
  8. Your first year seems like it went by in the blink of an eye. It’s amazing what you’ve accomplished in this time. Happy one-year work anniversary!
  9. Congrats to a ‘one’ in a million [employee/coworker/boss] on your work anniversary!

“Happy 2nd Work Anniversary”

  1. Happy 2nd workiversary! Your professionalism, resilience, and endless drive have made you a two-riffic asset to the team.
  2. Working with you these past two years has been an honor. Thank you for your tremendous contributions, and here’s to a future full of grand opportunities and achievements.
  3. Congratulations on your two-year work anniversary! You’re ‘two’ good for us, but we’re so thankful to have you on board.
  4. Happy two-year work anniversary! Thank you for your hard work and dedication. Here’s to another year of reaching new heights at [company].
  5. Working with you is ‘two’ much fun! Happy 2nd work anniversary!
  6. You’ve certainly shown me a thing or ‘two’ in the last two years. Happy two-year work anniversary!
  7. Your creativity and imagination have been a tremendous asset to the team. You can give me your ‘two’ cents anytime. Congrats on your 2nd work anniversary!
  8. It’s such a joy to celebrate your 2nd work anniversary with you! Here’s to the next two fabulous years working together.

“Happy 3rd Work Anniversary”

  1. I remember your first day at work like it was just three years ago, and still can’t believe how lucky I am to be working with you. Happy three-year work anniversary!
  2. Triple congratulations to the [man/woman] of the day! It’s been a real pleasure working with you.
  3. Congratulations on three years here at [company]! Your contributions, talent, and success have made you a vital part of our team.
  4. Happy 3rd work anniversary! The past three years have been filled with memorable moments, shared accomplishments, and awesome teamwork. Wishing you even greater success in the years to come!
  5. Thrice, you’ve knocked it out of the park for the year. Work wouldn’t be the same without you. Happy three-year work anniversary!
  6. Congrats on three years at [company]. You’re anything but a ‘3rd’ string player on the team. You really smashed it this last year.
  7. Three years — you made it! Now the next three will feel like deja vu. Happy 3rd work anniversary!

“Happy 4th Work Anniversary”

  1. I’m at a loss ‘four’ words when I think of how lucky we are to have you working here at [company]. Happy 4th work anniversary!
  2. You were already hard at work be-4 the ink was even dry on your contract. We look 4-ward to seeing what your future holds here at [company]. Congratulations on four years!
  3. Cheers to four terrific years of collaboration, accomplishments, and exponential growth in your career. Thank you for all you’ve done for [company].
  4. I couldn’t have wished ‘four’ a better [employee/coworker/boss]. Congrats on four years, and here’s to many more!
  5. You’re like our ‘four’ leaf clover. We’ve had nothing but success and good luck since the day you were hired. Happy 4th work anniversary.
  6. You’re the best [employee/coworker/boss] around — ‘four’ real! Happy four-year work anniversary!
  7. I’ve enjoyed working with you these last four years and appreciate your positive attitude. It always brightens my day. May success follow you wherever you go. Happy 4th work anniversary!

“Happy 5th Work Anniversary”

  1. Happy five-year work anniversary to a five-star [employee/coworker/boss].
  2. High five for your five-year work anniversary! Your contributions, creativity, and phenomenal teamwork have played a vital role in our company’s success. Here’s to many more fruitful years!
  3. Happy 5th work anniversary! You’ve been like a five-alarm fire in our success over competitors. We couldn’t have done it without you!
  4. It’s hard to believe you’ve worked here for five years already. Thank you for your determination and passion in the field. It’s made a significant impact on our organization.
  5. Congratulations on 5 years here at [company]! Your dedication, professionalism, and positive attitude have been such an inspiration. Thank you for your tremendous contribution to the team.
  6. Congratulations on putting up with us for the last five years. I don’t know what we’d do without you. Happy 5th work anniversary!
  7. Happy 5th Workiversary! Your reward? Another five years of hard work.

“Happy 6th Work Anniversary”

  1. Happy six-year work anniversary! Thanks to your hard work and dedication, we’ve deep-sixed the competition. Looking forward to another six years of success with you.
  2. Wow — six years of exceeding my expectations ‘six’ ways to Sunday! Thanks for all your hard work!
  3. Your hard work and dedication are vital to the success of our organization. Thank you for six wonderful years of service![5]
  4. In only six years, you’ve helped us put competitors ‘six’ feet under. Wishing you a happy 6th work anniversary, and here’s to many more!
  5. Congratulations on six years of outstanding service! I’ve always admired your determination and passion in the workplace. No one does the job as well as you do.
  6. Happy 6th work anniversary! You’ve set the bar high for the rest of us with your terrific work ethic and integrity. We appreciate all you’ve done for us through the years.

“Happy 7th Work Anniversary”

  1. I could never find another employee like you, even if I sailed the ‘seven’ seas. Congrats on your 7th work anniversary!
  2. [Company] is in ‘7th’ heaven to have you onboard. Thank you for seven years of passionate, unfailing dedication to your job. I hope to continue working with you for years to come.
  3. Happy 7-year work anniversary! Working with you has truly been an honor. I can’t wait to see what you do next.
  4. Your brilliant ideas and commitment to [company] have helped us put competitors at sixes and ‘sevens.’ We can’t thank you enough for the terrific work you’ve done for us. Happy 7th workiversary!
  5. Our company’s future is brighter because of you. Congratulations on seven years of success! Wishing you all the luck in the world!

“Happy 8th Work Anniversary”

  1. You’re like the magic eight ball — you’ve always got the right answers. Happy 8th work anniversary!
  2. Sending you the heartiest congratulations on completing eight years of success and achieving goals in this organization. Happy 8th work anniversary![5]
  3. I really appreci-eight all you’ve done in the past eight years. Happy 8th work anniversary!
  4. Happy 8th work anniversary to an unforgettable employee. You’re an incredible team member and I’m ever grateful for your positive attitude![6]
  5. With you as our secret weapon, we’ve got competitors behind the ‘eight’ ball. Thank goodness for eight years of having you on our side! Happy 8th workiversary!
  6. Happy 8th work anniversary to the most passionate and dedicated individual I’ve ever met. This company is delighted to have you. Have a fantastic work anniversary![5]

“Happy 9th Work Anniversary”

  1. Congrats on your nine-year work anniversary! You’ve proven to be the whole ‘nine’ yards and we couldn’t be happier with the work you’ve performed here at [company]. Best wishes to you in the coming year.
  2. This company’s got nine lives with you around. Thank you for all that you do. Congratulations on nine years here at [company].
  3. Your hard work, brilliant ideas, and can-do attitude have been a gold’nine’ here at [company]. Wishing you all the best on your 9th work anniversary!
  4. [Company] is on cloud nine to have you working for us. We would like to express our appreciation for your making the workplace enjoyable and bringing such enthusiasm every day. Happy 9th work anniversary!
  5. It’s an absolute pleasure working with such a dedicated employee who promises to be an essential part of the company’s future. Happy 9th work anniversary! Wishing you many more to come![6]
  6. I’m happy to say you’re no nine days’ wonder. It’s been a blast working with you these past nine years. I’m looking forward to many more!

“Happy 10th Work Anniversary”

  1. Happy year 10 to a perfect 10![4]
  2. Here’s to 10 years, and 10,000 reasons we are happy to have you on our team.[4]
  3. Ten years of ravenous ten-acity! You’ve been a tremendous asset to [company] and far surpassed my expectations. Congratulations! It’s a thrill to imagine what impact you’ll have on the company ten years from now.
  4. Wow — you’ve reached double digits. It’s been awesome working with you for the last decade. Happy workiversary!
  5. Congrats on the big 10! Sending you prayers and best wishes in all your future endeavors.
  6. In the last ten years, you’ve proven that you’re all that and ‘ten’ some. I’ve loved working with you this past decade and can’t wait to face another with you!
  7. 10 years down, now let’s go for 20![4]
  8. 10-4 on [name] being our number one [employee/coworker/boss]. Happy 10th work anniversary to the best worker around!

“Happy 11th Work Anniversary”

  1. 11 years here and you still haven’t lost your marbles. Either you have an unnatural amount of patience or we haven’t been trying hard enough. Happy 11th work anniversary!
  2. Even at the ‘eleventh’ hour, I know I can always count on you to do an amazing job. Happy 11th work anniversary to a stellar [employee/coworker].
  3. You’ve surpassed a decade — what an accomplishment! It’s been wonderful working with you through the years. Happy 11th work anniversary!
  4. In honor of your 11 years of dedication to [company], we’re gifting you 11 new responsibilities. Just kidding! We appreciate all your hard work. Happy 11th work anniversary!
  5. You’ve been a tremendous asset to this company and continue to inspire those around you. Keep up the good work and happy 11th work anniversary!
  6. Happy 11th anniversary! Just imagine where you’ll be this time next year. Yep, probably in that same chair getting another happy anniversary message.[7]

“Happy 12th Work Anniversary”

  1. Congrats on a dozen years! Coworkers are a dime a dozen, but you, my friend, are something special.
  2. Happy 12-year work anniversary! It’s amazing the way you excel at doing the same thing day after day without getting bored. You’re an inspiration to procrastinators everywhere.
  3. Happy work anniversary! 12 years of making valuable contributions to the team and the company — I truly appreciate your commitment and teamwork.
  4. Congratulations on reaching this 12-year work anniversary! Your tremendous talent and hard work have been invaluable in our company’s growth.
  5. I bet you hoped we’d forget, or at the very least that you’d forget how long you’ve been here. Nope — happy 12th work anniversary!
  6. Happy 12th work anniversary! 12 years of pretending to work while perfecting your undercover office napping skills is impressive.

“Happy 13th Work Anniversary”

  1. 13 years ago, you brought your unmatched skills and brilliant smile to the office. Now, your skills are even sharper, and your smile — it’s blinding. Happy 13th work anniversary!
  2. 13 years of office burnout, endless meetings, and numerous emails — and somehow, you’ve aged better than anyone here. Either you’ve found the fountain of youth or you’re some kind of superhuman. Happy work anniversary!
  3. Congrats on surviving 13 years in the work jungle of deadlines, meetings, and grumpy coworkers. You deserve an award, but for now, please accept our best wishes for the coming years.
  4. It’s such a joy to celebrate your 13th work anniversary with you! Here’s to the next 13 fabulous years working together.
  5. Happy work anniversary! 13 years of making valuable contributions to the team and the company — I truly appreciate your commitment and teamwork.

“Happy 14th Work Anniversary”

  1. I’m thrilled to celebrate 14 years of your outstanding work and commitment. Happy 14th work anniversary!
  2. Happy 14th workiversary! You’ve mastered the art of looking busy while watching funny pet videos online. Here’s to many more years of your excellent tomfoolery.
  3. Happy 14th work anniversary! I hope this marks the start of your most prosperous year yet. If not, there’s always year 15.
  4. Did you know that hard work, unmatched loyalty, diligence, and smarts make the best employees? We hope by this time next year you’ll have some of these qualities, too. Happy 14th workiversary![7]
  5. Congrats on completing 14 years of service! You’ve officially survived 168 months and 730 weeks. Happy work anniversary!
  6. Happy 14th work anniversary! Here’s to many more productive years ahead!

“Happy 15th Work Anniversary”

  1. Here’s to another year of surviving the old nine-to-five, and congrats on your 15th work anniversary. May the copier be ever in your favor.
  2. I’d bet 15 to one — you’re the best [employee/coworker/boss] around! Happy 15 years!
  3. Happy 15th work anniversary! Thanks for 15 years of laughter, dedication, occasional sarcasm, and ceaseless excellence. Keep up the awesome work!
  4. Congratulations on reaching this 15-year milestone. Your commitment to excellence has set a high standard in the office. Happy work anniversary!
  5. Happy 15th work anniversary! We’ve run the numbers, and you’ve spent more time at [company] than most TV shows have on air. This is either a testimony of your dedication to the company or evidence of our excellent company culture!
  6. Your journey at [company] is one full of inspiration. Thank you for being such an integral part of our company’s journey and success. Happy 15th work anniversary!
  7. You’re a consistent reminder that hard work never killed anyone — but why take the chance, eh? Congrats on 15 years![7]

“Happy 16th Work Anniversary”

  1. Happy sweet 16 workiversary! May your day be full of youthful fun and your every wish granted.
  2. Happy 16th work anniversary! Keep in mind, age is just a number, and work anniversaries are just a friendly reminder of how long you’ve had to deal with us. Here’s to many more!
  3. You’ve successfully orbited the office for 16 years! If work years were light years, you’d be halfway to Alpha Centauri. Congrats on the work anniversary!
  4. You’ve set an exemplary standard for all of us with your work ethic and dedication. Thank you for everything you have done for us all these years. I wish you a happy 16th work anniversary![8]
  5. Congrats on making it to year 16! [Company]’s future is brighter because of you.
  6. Thanks again for 16 years of hard work and great ideas! Your contributions and creativity are irreplaceable.

“Happy 17th Work Anniversary”

  1. 17 years of diligence, resilience, and unwavering commitment. Congrats on becoming the undisputed champion of workiversaries.
  2. 17 years ago, you started your journey here. Now, you’re the unofficial monarch of this kingdom! May your reign be long and prosperous. Happy 17th work anniversary!
  3. Congratulations on your 17th work anniversary! Your unwavering commitment and dedication to the company are truly commendable.
  4. Wow — 17 years of hard work, growth, and accomplishments. Happy 17th work anniversary! Wishing you nothing but continued success in your career.
  5. On this remarkable anniversary, we acknowledge and celebrate not only this milestone, but the journey, dedication, and commitment that brought you here. You’re a true testament to the power of perseverance and grace under intense pressure. Happy 17th work anniversary!

“Happy 18th Work Anniversary”

  1. Nearly two decades of dedication, and you haven’t lost your spark. You’re like a human Energizer Bunny! Thanks for all you’ve done and happy 18th work anniversary!
  2. We’ve checked the record books and confirmed that you’ve set a new world record: 18 years without throwing a computer out of the window. Stupendous! Happy work anniversary!
  3. Happy 18th work anniversary and a special thanks for your dedication to our company’s success.
  4. Hard work and loyalty are gifts not everyone possesses. We’re glad to have someone like you working for us. Keep up the excellent work and continue to inspire those around you. Cheers to all your incredible years of work and happy 18th work anniversary![8]
  5. Thank you for all you’ve done in the past 18 years. We couldn’t have gotten where we are today without you! Here’s to many more successful years together!
  6. Happy 18th work anniversary to my favorite coworker! You’re the best!

“Happy 19th Work Anniversary”

  1. Happy 19th work anniversary! You’re like the ‘Terms and Conditions’ of the company — you’ve been around a long time, you’re exceptionally important, and people don’t read half your emails.
  2. 19 years and you still haven’t learned how to operate the photocopier. That’s impressive. Happy work anniversary and here’s to many more years of handing off your work to interns.
  3. A million thanks for your hard work and dedication to this company and your work family. I’m proud to celebrate your 19 years of sacrifice and success. Happy 19th work anniversary!
  4. I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you what an inspiration you’ve been to me since I started working for the company. Happy 19th work anniversary! I only hope to achieve half of what you’ve done before I reach 19 years here.
  5. Your outstanding performance and faithful dedication to [company] have made a tremendous impact on its success. Thank you and happy 19th work anniversary!

“Happy 20th Work Anniversary”

  1. Thanks for helping us see ’20-20′ on the path to success, and happy 20-year work anniversary!
  2. To our own walking, talking company encyclopedia, happy 20th work anniversary! If the Wi-Fi fails us, at least we know your knowledge never will. Cheers to many more years of shared wisdom!
  3. Two decades of unwavering commitment and extraordinary work is no small accomplishment. I’ve always looked up to and admired you. Happy 20th work anniversary!
  4. Congratulations on the big 2-0! Two decades of shared photocopy machines, inside jokes, and navigating the world of office politics. If there was a survival award, there’s no question that it would be yours. Happy 20th work anniversary!
  5. Congrats on your 20th work anniversary! Your unparalleled dedication and heartfelt efforts have made a tremendous impact on our success, and your service is truly appreciated.
  6. I’ve got a ’20’ on your success in the workplace — it’s top tier! Happy 20th workiversary!
  7. You’ve been an essential part of our organization’s journey and success. We are eternally grateful for the dedication and passion you’ve shown. Thank you for being with us. Happy 20th work anniversary![8]

“Happy 25th Work Anniversary”

  1. Congrats on surviving 25 years of office shenanigans and countless meetings. You’re a work warrior! Happy workiversary!
  2. It’s been two and half decades since you joined us and helped us achieve what seemed impossible with your brilliant expertise. Today, I want to extend my heartiest 25th work anniversary wishes to you![8]
  3. Happy 25th work anniversary! In a world of fast turnovers and never-ending changes, you’ve proven that some things only get better with time.
  4. Congratulations on your 25th work anniversary! You’ve spent 300 months becoming the true legend of [company]. Keep the wins coming!
  5. Happy 25th work anniversary! Your team-player attitude, commitment, and innovative ideas have exceeded my expectations.
  6. 25 years of creativity, dedication, and consistent victories. You’ve helped this organization thrive and been a driving force behind its growth. As we mark your 25th work anniversary, we want to express our deepest thanks for your extraordinary work.

“Happy 30th Work Anniversary”

  1. Happy work anniversary! I’ve lost count of how many years you’ve been with us, so I’ll just say it’s been a loooong time.[4]
  2. 30 years ago, you began your journey here at [company]. You’ve weathered the storms and taken heart in successes. We couldn’t have asked for a better employee through the years. Happy 30th work anniversary!
  3. Happy 30th work anniversary to someone whose tenure with the company has outlasted the average length of most celebrity marriages![4]
  4. I heard you started so long ago, instead of filling out paperwork your 1st day, you chiseled your W-2 in stone. Happy 30th work anniversary![4]
  5. After 30 years, your steadfast commitment has been the cornerstone of [company]’s success. You’re the true MVP. Happy 30th!
  6. Your contributions have shaped our company in countless ways over the past three decades. As we celebrate your 30th work anniversary, we want to express our gratitude for your hard work and faithfulness to [company]. It’s been a privilege and honor to work with you.

Messages for Any Year

  1. Happy work anniversary and thank you for [number] years of loyalty and hard work! Your contributions have been a great asset to our success. Wishing you many more fulfilling years here at [company].
  2. This team is better and brighter with you on it. Congrats on this milestone![9]
  3. Your passion and professionalism have made a significant difference these last [number] years. Wishing you a happy [number] work anniversary and another year of great success!
  4. I just wanted to express my gratitude for your dedication and strong work ethic. It’s been such a privilege to work with you. Happy [number] work anniversary.
  5. Working with you for the past [number] years has been a privilege. Thank you for everything you’ve taught me and all the ways you’ve inspired me! Here’s to many more years of shared successes and victories.
  6. Celebrating you today and every day (but especially today). Happy [number] work anniversary![9]
  7. How did we ever get so lucky as to have you working here for [number] years? We look forward to your continued diligence and success here at [company]. Happy [number] work anniversary!

How to Personalize Your Work Anniversary Message

Sharing how much you value your coworker is a great way to celebrate their anniversary. To show your genuine appreciation, you may want to add a personalized touch to your anniversary message.

Keep these tips in mind:

  • Include specific accomplishments, progress, and personal growth. Consider times the receiver overcame difficulties, led an important project, or improved their skills in a certain area. Anything that’s set them apart in the workplace during their time with the company may be worth mentioning.
  • Consider their personality. If the receiver is a jokester, put a humorous spin on your message by including a joke or work-related pun. If they’re the serious type, keep it strictly professional. Whatever their personality, use a similar tone when crafting your message.
  • Take inspiration from their favorite things. It’s hard to go wrong when mentioning the receiver’s favorite things. This could be their family, pets, hobbies, hometown, or anything that makes them light up to talk about.
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